Monday, July 29, 2013

More Isochronic videos to come...

I have looked through all the frequency lists and F-Divas collection of isochronic videos again. And I have found some more that can be worth uploading, I have it all organised, but will only upload a video once a week.

I'm aware of that people may have questions about, how to use Isochronic Tones. As I wrote earlier, I'm not the creator of the frequencies and I'm not a "healer", so I've found a page on Nav'ven's blog that may answer some of your questions, (just ignore the url to her YouTube Channel, it's gone.)  Q&A, Isochronic Tones - F-Diva

The videos, with blended/mixed isochronic tones, does require headphones to sound right. These videos are experimental, that I've mainly made for myself, so if it doesn't sound good or if you experience any discomfort, please don't listen. I still listen to them, but not every day as I did before.