Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Toxoplasmosis - "The cat parasite"

New research have revealed that 1/3 of the worlds population are infected by this parasite.

From Wikipedia:
"The parasite infects most genera of warm-blooded animals, including humans, but the primary host is the felid (cat) family. Animals are infected by eating infected meat, by ingestion of feces of a cat that has itself recently been infected, or by transmission from mother to fetus. Cats are the primary source of infection to human hosts, although contact with raw meat, especially pork, is a more significant source of human infections in some countries. Fecal contamination of hands is a significant risk factor."

So if you have  a cat or had one, you can have ingested the single-celled organism - called Toxoplasma gondii. Recent research have found that this parasite "travels" through the bloodstream up to your brain. When it has reached your brain it will stay there, it could be dormant or effect your behaviour.

"Scientists are still trying to understand the behavioural changes - if any - in humans infected with toxoplasma, but research has so far linked it to worse reaction times, a more than two-fold increase in the risk of being involved in a car accident, suicide in women and schizophrenia."
Source: How your cat could make you suicidal

Swedish scientists have also linked this parasite to depression. I suffer from chronic (clinical) depression, as did my mother her whole 56 years of life. Both of us have had numerous of suicide attempts, and my mother suffered from schizophrenia.

I have had cats, cleaned their litter boxes, it's quite possible that I can have ingested this parasite, or gotten it from my mother. Also the last cat I had became very agressive, to such a degree that he had to be put down. He had developed a brain tumor and the vet said, that it was a probable cause of his behaviour change...

And I spent 3 years in India, between the years 1989-1994, the last year (93-94) I was really sick with diarrhea and in a lot of pain, the whole time. I had no apetite and lost a lot of weight. I went to several medical clinics, they did stool tests as well as x-rays of my colon, but no one could find any obvious reason for my illness. I had to leave India and went back to Sweden, and I got better, I still have a sensitive "spot" in my colon where I had that excruciating pain.

You can't avoid parasites in India, there are not enough toilets for the poor people, they defecate outdoors. Their feces dries up with the soil and when the wind blows, it's in the air. No matter how careful you are with food and water, you get those dried up human feces inside you, just by breathing.

Anyway, back in Sweden I developed a depression, I went to see a psychiatrist, late 1996, he started me on Prozac. It helped for about 4 years, my depression got worse and my behaviour changed, from being an outgoing person, having many friends to starting to isolate myself, developing agoraphobia, not wanting to go outside or meet any people. I couldn't work anymore, so since 2004 I've been on disablity payment.

I just found out about this parasite recently, so I did a search for toxoplasmosis in Na'ven's isochronic frequency lists, and found this video: 
Toxoplasmosis (The cat parasite) (Isochronic Tones 434 Hz) Pure Series

I have no idea if isochronic brainvawe entrainment have any effect on the parasite, but I'm going to listen to it 3 times a day. What do I have lose, nothing, all the meds I've taken for 15 years and still am are NOT helping.

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