Sunday, July 3, 2016


Please read this article before you start listening to Isochronic Tones, or Binaural Tones, all sorts of Brainwave Entrainment:
What is Brainwave Entrainment

Please turn on your critical mind when reading this article, they may have some important information, but they're also selling their own method.

Also read: Neurofeedback - Wikipedia

I haven't found any serious research articles about this method, there are some critical articles about it though.

Here's one: Read this before paying $100s for neurofeedback therapy 
"Update September 2013: A new randomised, double-blind placebo-controlled trial has just reported that neurofeedback therapy for children with ADHD was no more effective than placebo." 
I'm just trying to look out for you, so you don't get hurt in any way or are being deceived to pay a lot of money for a method that isn't scientically proven.

Actually before when I referred to Wikipedia, they described the different methods of Brainwave Entrainment, but someone have been doing some hard core editing on that page. There's nothing about Isochronic Tones, to find on Wikipedia anywhere, but Binaural Beats have a large piece of text on that page. Even doing a searh on Wikipedia, writing "Isochronic Tones", nothing comes up.

Check this out, this is the originaly Wiki I've been referring to, try to understand the first parts of the text.
Brainwave entrainment 
Update: 12-12-16. Oh well, the page have been edited again, not a word about Isochronic Tones, but of course they have written about Binaural Beats.

Then if you search for Isochronic Tones you will get this:
Isochronic tones

And when you search for Binaural Beats, guess what:
Binaural beats

I hope you're aware about that anybody can log into Wikipedia and edit an "article".

I have googled on Isochronic Tones and haven't found any web page, that aren't trying to sell their own products or trying to promote other methods. So appearently this is big business for some people. The Isochronic Tones videos on my YouTube channel are free to listen at and to download for private use.

It's all about the Money!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The solution to the questions that some of you have

I'm getting the same questions over and over, even though I have provided a lot of information below the videos, all you have to do is to click. "SHOW MORE", the page opens up and you can get answers to your questions there.

Voff Ugglas Home - YouTube

If you are on a video page, then you have to click on my name, Voff Uggla, and you will be directed to the "Home Page", if you click on "About", you will be able to read the Description, there you will also find information. The last link/button, is the symbol for search, click on it and you will be able to do a search, searching for a specific frequency is the best, easier to get results. Searching for specific disorders is a bit more difficult, but you can always try.