Thursday, August 1, 2013

Question & Answers + Information about the creator.

Questions & Answers (Na'ven's Blog Post - October 13, 2012)
"People ask me the same questions over and over, so I figured I'd start answering them here.

Q.) How long should I listen to each tone?
A.) Listen as long as you'd like unless it states otherwise in the video. Also, try not to go over an hour a day so that you don't hurt yourself by making your brain stick on that frequency.

Q.) How do I use your tones? When should I use them?
A.) Just listen to the isochronic tones whenever you want to. Binaural beats require headphones, but isochronics do not. If you're trying to concentrate and use an isochronic tone for concentration, do it when you're trying to concentrate. If you're trying to be in oneness, use the isochronic tone for oneness while trying to be at one with the all.

Q.) Can I download your tones as an MP3?
A.) Yes you can. You need to download and install YouTube Downloader (It has a free version) and download the video. You'll have the MP4 file and you'll need to go to the convert tab to convert that file to MP3 format or other formats.
UPDATE 26-10-16
That was written 4 years ago, a lot has happened since then. First of all, now you can use your smartphones and listen directly from my YouTube channel. You can still download the videos for private use, but I can't give any advice on which YouTube downloader to choose, there are so many of them now, if you are using Firefox there are many different addons. You just have to find the YouTube downloader that fits your system. If you do download the videos and want to change format from MP4 to MP3, the same story, there is a lot of "free" software on the web. Select the ones that fits your system and the ones that you find the easiest for you to work with.
Also if you want to change the bit rate per second, I've found that 128 Kbps works the best, at least with my sound card, speakers, head phones/set and ear buds, but that's what's working best with my devices, you have to find what works the best for you.

Q.) How do you know what the frequencies are for?
A.) I find caches of frequencies all over the web and people will sometimes send me some of them. Here are the ones I have that are on websites.…CAFL.htm

Q.) Is it OK to listen to other things while listening to your videos? Can I listen to two at once?
A.) In short, no. If you listen to two of them or something else, you're inducing other frequencies and making the tone less effective. The pure series does not ramp frequencies or have other sounds on it so that it can stay pure and be looped. If you listen to something else while doing this, it COULD still work, but it will be less effective. This is why the pure series was created. Other videos were mixing the sound of rain and other things with the tones and making them less effective."
The pure series is only one frequency, no carrier tone, noice, music etc. Therefore that series is called, pure. :-) The isochronic tones are created in Audacity, first a sine tone is created, then it is modulated with the plugin; Isomod, and then converted into mp3.
More information about isochronic tones: Here

Isochronic tones does not require headphones, but, depending on your sound system, the settings, etc, the tones can sound different. I prefer to use my headset or ear buds, it gives me a "better" experience. Don't have the volume up too loud when using a headset or ear buds.

The best way to get the most out of listening to isochronic tones:
Sit and listen as if you are meditating, focus on the sound and your breath and relax. Let the thoughts just pass by like clouds. Many thoughts will come to your mind, it may take awhile until you notice, and when you do, don't get upset, let it go and continue with your meditation. This will happen many times during the "isochronic tone session" unless you have meditated for many years, this is totally normal for beginners at meditation.

There is a playlist for Delta Waves, frequency 0 Hz - 4 Hz, those are the ones you can listen to while you sleep. .Sleeping Aid Videos & Delta Waves Playlist

About the creator of the Isochronic tones
Today, (or yesterday my local time) I've noticed that Na'ven Goodkarma aka Na'ven Enigma aka FingerprintDIVA has closed her YouTube Channel - Na'ven Goodkarma She's also planning to close down her blog, soon... I've decided to close my website soon.(TLM). As an uploader of her isochronic tones, I have to take action. I can't refer to her in the future, I have 100+ of her original videos uploaded on my channel. In the description of all these videos I have referrals, to her YouTube Channel and Blog.

Na'ven's Blog post
Posted on: July 31st 2013
"I've decided to close my website soon. It doesn't seem to get anything posted to it except random tidbits now, so I decided it's time to close it down. I'm not sure when I'll close it, but I wanted to leave it up for a little longer so that if you want to save any information on here or gather any downloads, you can do so. Sometime around September I'm hoping to be shutting it down. If you want to host information from this site, feel free to do so. I do ask that you tell me what you're interested in, though."
If you have any questions about FingerprintDIVA'S isochronic videos, I can only refer to the above post, that I have copied from her blog. If you can't find the answer here, send the question to me, if I can I will answer.

Update, August 4 - 2013
Just noticed that she have removed the above blog post, well what can I say, it was there a couple of days ago. It's kind of hard to keep up with her, name changes, blog post removals, etc, so I won't anymore. From now on I will credit her for the audios/videos as FingerprintDIVA, whitout any links/url's.

Update, January 2014
She also removed the blog post where she stated that all her isochronic tones was 'Public Domain', November 14 - 2012. She had a torrent open 2012, so anyone could download the isochronic videos and the frequency lists, she also encouraged "us" to upload her videos on YouTube, which I started to do. I have no idea why she removed that post, I wish I had taken a screen shot of it, then I would have some evidence that her isochronic tones are or were public domain, but I didn't. She wasn't able to upload any more isochronic tones on YouTube, all I know is that she was upset about her channel being terminated, that's why she wrote that blog post, but later on she removed it from her blog, for reasons that are unknown to me. Well I do have some saved email converstaions between us that maybe could count as "proof". But I don't know the copyright laws regarding publishing private emails.

So my previous blog post: More Isochronic videos to come... isn't valid anymore, except the last paragraph. I have no idea why Na'ven decided do this, I don't know her personally, we don't have any contact. But it's her decision, her choice, her life and that I respect. I just wanted to let you know.