Sunday, September 15, 2013

Belly fat

Yesterday I read an article in a Swedish newspaper, that according to some recent research, the reason the body stores fat on the belly, is mainly due to lack of Estrogen, and to some degree Testosterone. The study was done on men, but I'm pretty sure that applies to women as well. When my estrogen levels began to decrease around 10 years ago I noticed that my belly grew fatter, at it's worst I looked like I was pregnant. My body have always had the tendency to store fat on my belly first, even when I was skinny (underweight according to the docs.), I still had a pouch of a fat deposit on my belly.

So now when I've lost so much weight the past 6 months My teeth and Weight loss same issue, that pouch of fat on my belly is still there, smaller, but...grrr... it's there. I guess it's hereditary to some degree, but I'm pretty sure in my case, it's an hormonal issue as well. As a child I was normal weight, until the teen hormones kicked in, all of a sudden my belly became huge. There was no change in diet or activity, the only thing that happened was that my hormones went "crazy" and made feel like a ballon and the ugliest girl on the planet. That lasted for about 5 years, by the time I was 16-17 I was back at a "normal" weight again.

It's difficult to say exactly when my estrogen levels started to decrease, I've been in menopause for 5 years now, but 2008 was the year I never been so fat in my whole life. I looked 6 months pregnant, belly and breasts were swollen, etc. A friend took pictures of me then and I got shocked when I saw those pics, I couldn't belive that it was me. I mean I knew I had gained weight but not that much, I looked horrible and the same feelings I had about my body from my teenage years came back.

I don't know if this study I read about is correct and I don't know if isochronic tones really works, however I'm going to start to listen to Estrogen - Production (Isochronic Tones 1,351 Hz) Pure Series  and Testosterone - Production (female) (Isochronic Tones 1,445 Hz ) Pure Series regularly to see if it makes any difference.