Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Plabeo Effect

A few days ago I watched a Science program on Swedish TV, where they presented the latest research about the 'Placebo Effect'. I found this to be very interesting, since I don't know if isochronic tones can have something to do with this, and I do think it has. In the program they told a story about a young man, who wanted to commit suicide, he swallowed a bunch of pills, lost consciousness, ended up in the hospital, his organs started to shut down and he was close to die. He didn't die and when they had analyzed the substance in the pills he had taken, it turned out to be sugar pills. So just him beliving that he was going to die from the pills, made his organs shut down and he was close to death. This is quite remarkable, placebo can actually have an effect.

There were also this scientist, talking about the clinical studies that have been done on antidepressants, the studies showed that placebo almost had the same effect as the actual medicine. Another scientist admitted a bit reluctantly that placebo can have the same effect as real medicine, but he also said it doesn't work on everybody, it also depends on what illness, when and where, etc. I'm sure the medical industri aren't that happy about this documentary...

The program I watched is called Vetenskapens Värld (The world of Science) on SVT and is actually accessible everywhere, so here's the url: Vetenskapens Värld Episode 28 The speaker talks in Swedish, but most of the scientists speak English. Well a lot of the program is in Swedish, but at least it's a source.

So if you belive in isochronic tones it can actually help, but always get a diagnos from the medical profession and for serious illnesses, follow the doctors advice. There are not enough scientific studies about isochronic tones out yet.

Here's a video from YouTube that explains it more
The Placebo Effect
"Sean Mackey, MD, PhD, explains the placebo effect. Mackey is the chief of Stanford's Pain Management Division and an associate professor at the School of Medicine."


  1. Wow that is crazy! The power of intention is real I guess. Kind of like how hypnosis works - if you believe in it and you really want something, you will get it, your subconscious will make sure of that.

  2. I am a nurse and we have used placebo's on a couple of people per their doctors order of course. One patient had migraines, We would give her the placebo telling her it was a new stronger medication. If it did not relieve her migraine in an hour then we could give her the medicine she normally took. Ninety to ninety five percent of the time the placebo along with the suggestion that it was a new stronger medicine relieved her headache. The doctor did this because this lady was taking a very expensive medicine which her insurance would only pay for on a limited basis and she did not have the money to pay the extra cost. The placebo literally cost about a dime verses $65.00 a pill for the real pill. We were all amazed by the outcome.

  3. Hi Marsa, that's an amazing story, thanks for sharing. :-)